Theme Settings

In this settings you can modify global setups that is going to has an affect on the whole site.


This site is using Color schemes. Every scheme includes multiple options for colors that can modify button, background, borders, etc colors. 

You can create many schemes that can be applied in Sections, blocks etc.

Note: The first color scheme includes the default background and font, etc. colors for the website.



In this setup you can modify all details that related to font styles, sizes, etc.

Note: Shopify stores can apply maximum 2 different font types.


In this setup you can modify the appearance of:

  • Edges
  • Favicon
  • Buttons
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Icons


In this setup you can modify the appearance of:

  • Product grid
  • Product label
  • Swatches
  • Color swatches

Social media

In this setup you can add various of social media sites.

Note: Social blocks in several sections will load social media icons that was set up here.


Checkout page is not related to this theme, this setup has affect on the Shopify Checkout page that is loaded after customers click the checkout button.

Custom CSS

Instead of modifying this themes codes you can simply add your CSS modifications here.

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