Blog posts

You need a Blog page to load its posts here.

  1. Go to Blog posts > Manage blogs > Add blog.
  2. Click on 'Select a blog' and add your blog page.

Note: Reading time is just an estimated time based on an algorithm.

    • Codes: You can embed source codes by clicking Show HTML in Blog posts editor and add your souce code between the following brackets: <code>YOUR CODE</code>


    • Highlight content: If you use the same blog post for multiple purposes you can hide and highlight dedicated content. Add your content between the

      Note: Make sure by clicking Show HTML #tag_start-TAG-NAME has no source code before and after!


Blog post header

You can choose multiple display style of the Featured image.



You can create a separated blog called Authors where each blog post is a small description of the different authors. 

In this case the site will automatically load the correct authors short description on every blog post.

Featured article

You can add multiple featured articles if you want to highlight any of your posts.



This block loads the given tags to the selected blog post

Share links

This loads social share icons



You can hide content from visitors who are neither a registered or a subscribed customer.


Summary loads all the headings that was used in the selected blog post


This block is useful if you have multiple blogs for different topics. This helps customer to navigate easier between multiple contents.

  • Filter: Using filters will load only relevant content from your blog to your Blog posts template


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