During your customisation, select Test mode and make sure only one block is enabled. To disable the others click on the little eye icon.


This is a simple email input that creates a customer with this email address. 

Note: Adding tags will make your searching or targeting easier for your email list.

Age verifier

This popup is going to appear at the first time the site is opened. Second button label redirect users under the age limit to another site.

Note: Make sure you add the url to this button



This popup is recommended for sites that operates on the EU market. You also have the option to show these popups only in the EU but anywhere else.

Recent sales 

This popup randomly shows recent purchases. Add your customers names and locations and make sure they are the right format.

Note: For privacy reasons we do not load original purchases.

Sticky bar

This is a promotion popup that shows on the main page. You can add link to redirect customers.

Back to top

This button appears on the bottom of the site after the customer starts scrolling. By clicking it it scrolls back to the top of the site.

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